Do I Have TB?

Illustration of Do I Have TB?
Illustration: Do I Have TB?

introduce my name is Ali Khatami, excuse me for permission to ask, I was about 1 month ago doing a medical check-up to prepare for an army test and the results were safe, but when during my test and on the X-ray I was declared infected with TB. Immediately I was shocked and immediately checked on Google what the symptoms that usually occur in people affected by tuberculosis, and usually are fever, cough, weight dropped dramatically, often smoking, often drinking. While I have not experienced these symptoms and habits. So is it true that I have this disease? 😭I also exercise diligently, eat healthy regularly and have a healthy lifestyle, how can that be? 😭

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Hello Ali,

Thank you for asking

X-ray examination is one of the tests that can be done to detect TB (tuberculosis, tuberculosis). However, you need to know, that to diagnose TB, X-ray examination alone is not enough. The doctor also needs to confirm it with the results of interviews, physical examination, as well as other supporting tests carried out, for example sputum test or blood test. The results of the x-ray examination itself are only right to be interpreted by the doctor who examined you directly, so it is not appropriate to be evaluated through an online consultation like this.

TB most often infects the lungs. The typical symptom, in outline, is as you mentioned, which is in the form of a long cough, prolonged low-grade fever, weight loss dramatically, excessive sweating, to enlarged lymph nodes. However, this characteristic phenomenon does not always appear in everyone. In people with good endurance, symptoms that often appear are just like mild aches. In addition, from X-ray examination, it can also detect old pulmonary TB, which is a TB infection that arises in the past, is now cured, but still leaves abnormalities on the results of X-rays. So, an X-ray that shows positive TB, does not necessarily ensure that you are suffering from TB and need treatment.

Better, you consult your examination results back to the doctor or specialist who examined the disease. Your risk of contracting TB is greater if you have had close contact with other TB sufferers, and if you have poor endurance (for example due to HIV, malnutrition, or diabetes). If you have these risk factors, and / or if your results indeed support the diagnosis of TB, then OAT therapy can be done. But on the contrary, if based on your doctor's examination at this time not having TB, then of course the treatment does not need to be done.

Hope this helps ...

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