Do I Have The Common Cold?

Illustration of Do I Have The Common Cold?
Illustration: Do I Have The Common Cold?

Hallo..I feel the flu, sneezing and coughing accompanied by fever from last night, but after I took the medicine (paracetamol) flu, coughing and sneezing I disappeared this morning, but I still feel the cold as of now … yesterday afternoon I was able to get the fruit picked front of the house (guava that turns out there is a trace similar to a bite of a bat) the mark is small like a scratch so that at first I thought it was scratched because of something, but after I ate I noticed again the traces I had cut were very similar to bite marks (still not sure) … and started sure. In the afternoon I felt fever, flu and sneezing followed by coughing on mlm.

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Hello Diana Sulas, thank you for asking with the team.

For more details, what do you mean by common cold or corona virus infection?

In inflammation of the respiratory tract caused by corona virus will cause 3 general symptoms, namely:
 Coughing Shortness of breath Short symptoms of Corona virus infection appear within 2 days to 2 weeks after exposure to Corona virus. If you do not experience the 3 common symptoms above, it is likely that the disease you are experiencing is not caused by a corona virus infection, and is only caused by an influenza virus.

But you should still do the following:

- Use a mask for outside activities

- Frequently wash hands with soap and running water, especially after contact with patients or their environment.

- Do not consume animals that have the potential to transmit coronavirus

- Eat food that has been cleaned and cooked thoroughly

- You have to do a good and right cough ethic

- Maintain endurance by multiplying the consumption of nutritious food, drinking enough water, regular exercise, adequate rest, avoiding consumption of cigarettes or alcoholic beverages, and managing stress well.

If the complaint does not improve, then you should check with your doctor huh.

Thank you, hope that helps.

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