Do I Have To See An Eye Doctor?

Illustration of Do I Have To See An Eye Doctor?
Illustration: Do I Have To See An Eye Doctor?

I want to ask, I am still in junior high, right? I see it when I see things from afar, it is a bit blurry, but the tulian on the black paper still looks clear, sometimes when I come out, it is also blurry, and when I see the straight object closely before the eyes, there are 2 I was like that when I was little and there was also a history of dust allergy … Please answer yes !! Thank you..

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Good evening, thanks for asking at The condition where a person cannot see far but can see close is called nearsightedness or myopia. Some people call this condition a minus eye condition, because the treatment given to sufferers is minus-lens glasses.

Regarding your question, this condition of nearsightedness has nothing to do with allergies. Anyone can experience nearsightedness regardless of their allergic status. It is not known clearly what causes this condition, but so far the occurrence has been linked to heredity, long eyeballs, the habit of seeing things at a distance that is too close (less than 30 cm), and too often forcing the eyes to work.

So if you feel your eyes are not able to see as they should, it would be better if just checked with a general practitioner or may go directly to the eye doctor. This direct examination is important because a lot of information is obtained that can be useful in determining the best diagnosis and treatment for your condition. Misunderstandings can be avoided, and your condition can immediately improve. So, hopefully answering your question.

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