Do I Need To Do A Covid-19 Test?

Illustration of Do I Need To Do A Covid-19 Test?
Illustration: Do I Need To Do A Covid-19 Test?

Hello doc, I was once in a room with a co-19 sufferer 17 days ago, now my body is angered but there is no high fever Do I have to have a co-19 test?

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COVID-19 occurs due to a new Corona virus infection (SARS-CoV-2). Transmission of this virus can occur through droplets (splashes of respiratory tract mucus), for example snot, phlegm, even the saliva of patients who are inhaled or swallowed into the respiratory tract of people around them. It can also be transmitted directly, for example when this droplet contaminates the hands (for example when shaking hands) even certain inanimate objects (for example door handles, elevator buttons, and other furniture).

If it is true you are in 1 room with people with COVID-19, obviously your risk for contracting this disease is quite high. Moreover, if when in contact with sufferers you are at a distance of less than 2 meters and if the room has poor air circulation.

Symptoms that can occur in patients with COVID-19 itself can vary, some are mild, severe, and may even be asymptomatic at all. Frequently, clinical symptoms due to COVID-19 will appear 2 days to 2 weeks after the virus enters the body. However, the onset of these symptoms may appear longer, for example if your immune system is good. Therefore, even if you only have a low-grade fever, ideally you should see a doctor or an internist directly. There, you can later be asked to undergo laboratory tests with throat tissue swabs. In addition, blood or X-ray examinations can also be done to confirm this diagnosis. This examination needs to be done, because not only COVID-19 can cause fever, but it can also be due to infections of other microorganisms, inflammatory disorders, exposure to excessive heat, hormonal disorders, and so on.

As a first step, you can do it first:

Relieve fever by taking paracetamol, drink lots, and wear warm clothes and absorb sweat
Eat a variety of foods with high nutritional value, get plenty of rest, be diligent in exercising, and calm your heart and mind so that you don't get stressed, and your immune system is still excellent.
Isolate yourself, don't go out unless it's an emergency, keep your distance from the people around you, don't exchange random personal items with other people
Also improve personal hygiene and the environment in which you live

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