Do Imperata Roots Deal With Inflammation Of The Kidneys?

Illustration of Do Imperata Roots Deal With Inflammation Of The Kidneys?
Illustration: Do Imperata Roots Deal With Inflammation Of The Kidneys?

Greetings, sorry to ask, this is my age of 50 years there is swelling of the right kidney, well I estimate it can also be affected by this disease because my mother did not have a diseased urinary tract infection (if there is pain when urinating there is pain), now the question I, for example, given herbal medicine decoction of alang-alang root for herbal medicine, can it help reduce the infection? I’ve read it, why does it say that the root of the reed has benefits for treating inflammation of the kidney, please explain

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Hello Alif,

Thank you for asking

Normally, urine produced in the kidneys will flow into the ureter into the bladder, then removed from the body through the urethra. Swelling in the kidney (in the medical realm is called hydronephrosis) often occurs due to partial obstruction in the passage of urine in the urethra, or also due to reflux (backflow) of urine from the bladder to the ureter and then to the kidney. Infection can indeed be one of the causes of swelling in the kidneys. But not only that, kidney swelling can also be caused by other factors, such as stones, injuries, to malignancy in the urinary tract, nerve or muscle disorders around the pelvis, or also because of the uterocele (where the lower ureter protrudes into the bladder). In women, kidney swelling can also occur due to the influence of pregnancy, uterine prolapse (descended peranakan), or cystocele (bladder that descends until it protrudes into the vagina).

Because the causes can be very varied, the definitive treatment of kidney swelling can also vary. Not always, successful handling of your mother will also be successful in your current condition. Until now, there has been no adequate clinical trial that proves the benefits and side effects of using boiled root water to overcome kidney swelling. Therefore, we are also not authorized to recommend that you use it as an effort to cure your condition.

Better, you check your condition directly to a doctor or a specialist in internal medicine so that the right treatment is given .. In addition to a physical examination, urine, blood, ultrasound, or other supporting tests doctors can also do to establish a proper diagnosis of the condition You. Later, treatment can be done in various ways, for example by shock wave lithotripsy (in cases caused by kidney stones), oreteroskopy (in cases caused by kidney stones or ureters), surgery, and administration of drugs.

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