Do Not Feel Pleasure In Having Sex?

Illustration of Do Not Feel Pleasure In Having Sex?
Illustration: Do Not Feel Pleasure In Having Sex?

hi, i want to ask. i just got married to my husband half a year ago. From the first time I had sex with my husband, my vagina did not bleed, then when the penetration was done I did not feel any taste, after a few days of not having sex, my vagina felt like it was tightly closed again and it was difficult to penetrate and there was pain during penetration. I don’t even feel anything anymore, but my husband enjoys it like a normal person. What is wrong with me?

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Hi katrina,

Thank you for asking

Need to clarify, what do you mean by "nothing tastes"? Do you not feel pleasure in sexual relations?

Bleeding or not the vagina after the first sexual intercourse cannot be an indicator of a certain abnormality. Generally, bleeding after sexual intercourse for the first time occurs due to tearing of the hymen. However, some women have a very elastic hymen, so it is not easily torn during sexual intercourse. In fact, there are also women who are born without a blood membrane. It could also be, the hymen has been torn before you have sex, for example because you have masturbated excessively or have experienced an injury around the vagina. So, not always healthy women will bleed the first time they have sex.

If you really mean that you do not feel pleasure in having sex, then this condition can arise due to various factors, including:

Inadequate foreplay, one of which can be influenced by your or your partner's lack of knowledge regarding the points and techniques for achieving sexual satisfaction respectively Hormonal changes, for example during sexual intercourse around the time of menstruation, during pregnancy, breastfeeding, or near menopause. Psychological stress, including due to domestic conflicts, recent traumatic events, insecurity due to body shape or other personal conditions Side effects of taking certain drugs, for example anti-hypertensive drugs, anti-depressants, or birth control pills Unhealthy lifestyle, including smoking or accustomed to consuming alcohol Fatigue Certain diseases, such as viral or bacterial infections, thyroid gland disorders, diabetes, and so on. The pain you feel may occur due to the inadequate production of vaginal lubricants due to not achieving sexual pleasure (not reaching climax). As a result, the vagina is prone to irritation and pain.

You should better communicate with your husband about the complaints you feel. Openness is one of the keys to family harmony. Enrich the knowledge of each of the best techniques to satisfy a partner sexually. Do lots of activities together, such as going on vacation, cleaning the house, doing hobbies, and so on. Also live a healthy lifestyle, including getting plenty of exercise and regular rest, avoiding smoking and alcohol, and managing your stress well.

If there is still no significant improvement in 1 to 2 weeks, you and your partner should not hesitate to consult directly with a sexologist to get the best assistance regarding your complaint.

I hope this helps.

dr. Nadia Nurotul Fuadah

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