Do Not Want To Eat When Teething In Infants Aged 6 Months?

, my child 6m10d is teething. Since 3 days he doesn’t want to eat, his mouth is tightly closed. But if you want to suckle. It also happens that my child has a cold. Is there a flu connection, teething u0026amp; do not want to eat that happened to my child ,? Then what’s the solution? Thank you…

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Children may not want to eat because of many causes, teething and cough colds are the most common causes. Some other possible causes include eating time and drinking milk that is too close, drinking milk or given too much snack, the child feels bored with the food or does not like the texture of the food, mouth ulcers, other infections (for example fungal infections in the mouth, infections in the ear, gastrointestinal infections), and others.

Teething and cold sores experienced by your child can indeed be a factor causing your child to not eat. The following are some things you can do:

Keep offering to eat foods that are good and complete nutrition for your child at mealtime

Do not force children to eat if the child does not want to eat anymore

Don't start bad habits when eating (such as giving a spectacle to a child while eating or letting a child eat while playing, etc.)
Keep giving milk (breast milk or formula) according to the wishes of children
Offer snacks or healthy snacks at snack time

If indeed an eating disorder experienced by a child occurs due to teething or runny nose, then the condition will improve by itself within a few days after the pain in the teeth improves and the cold subsides. If until after the week your child has not wanted to eat or the cold has not improved, then you should take your child to the pediatrician for further evaluation.

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