Do Patients With Early-stage Tongue Cancer At The Tip Of The Tongue Have To Undergo Radiotherapy?

Illustration of Do Patients With Early-stage Tongue Cancer At The Tip Of The Tongue Have To Undergo Radiotherapy?
Illustration: Do Patients With Early-stage Tongue Cancer At The Tip Of The Tongue Have To Undergo Radiotherapy?

Hello doc, I recently had early-stage tongue cancer and had surgical removal and glossectomy done. Then do a pet scan. The question: 1. Do patients with early stage tongue cancer still have to undergo chemotherapy and or radiotherapy? 2. Can tongue cancer patients not drink betel boiled water? Because of this explanation ( the importance of recognizing the symptoms of cancer in the beginning) should not chew betel which has lime in it or there are other substances that accompany it might be. Can tongue cancer patients be exposed to sunlight? If not, please ask for an explanation. Thank you dock.

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Hello AMS, Thank you for the question.

Aloe cancer is an abnormal growth that is malignant from the tongue tissue. This condition can occur at the tip or base of the tongue. The initial symptoms of tongue cancer that can appear in a person are canker sores that don't heal and white patches on the tongue. Other symptoms experienced by patients with cancer of the tongue are sore throat, numbness in the tongue that does not disappear, bleeding from the tongue for no apparent reason, swollen lymph nodes, weight loss, and changes in speech. The risk of developing tongue cancer is higher in those who have the habit of smoking, the habit of consuming alcoholic beverages, the habit of chewing betel, having a poor diet, having a human papillomavirus (HPV) infection, and having poor oral health. Some studies do show that betel (whether chewed or boiled) has carcinogenic properties or can cause cancer cells to appear. Thus, you should avoid using betel leaves.

Several studies have shown that sun exposure can increase the risk of developing oral cancer. Therefore, if you want to sunbathe or have to do activities outside the home, make sure you use a lip moisturizer that contains SPF in order to protect from exposure to ultraviolet rays.

Treatment of tongue cancer depends on the size of the cancer, location, and stage of the tongue cancer. Treatment that is recommended by the doctor can be in the form of surgical removal of cancer, radiotherapy, and chemotherapy. Sorry I cannot help explain further about the need for chemotherapy and radiotherapy to you because of limited information about your condition including the stage of the disease. Radiotherapy will usually be recommended after surgery if tongue cancer has not spread, the goal is to treat cancer cells that may still be left behind and have not been removed during surgery. If it has been found spread to the surrounding tissues or nearby lymph nodes it would generally be advisable to undergo chemotherapy as well. To be sure about which therapy is appropriate for your condition, the most appropriate step is to consult a surgeon who treats you who is more aware of your current condition so that the information you receive is also more precise.

Hopefully this information helps you.

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