Do PCL Injuries Need To Do Needling?

Illustration of Do PCL Injuries Need To Do Needling?
Illustration: Do PCL Injuries Need To Do Needling?

does the PCL injury need to do needling? previously had done physiotherapy but still felt pain in the injured knee

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Posterior cruciate ligament (PCL) is the tissue in the knee that connects the femur and shin. This tissue prevents the shin (tibia) from sliding too back.

The Cederaposterior cruciate ligament is generally accompanied by injury to other structures. For example, cartilage, bones, and ligaments. Injuries to the ligaments are usually classified according to severity. The cause of cederaposterior cruciate ligament is generally a hard impact on the knee when the knee is bent. For example, when falling with your knees bent or a car accident where the knee hits the dashboard.

The type of cederaposterior cruciate ligament treatment will be determined based on its severity. there are some PCL markings including:

rice: rest ice compress elevation, which means ice break compresses elevation. The purpose of RICE is to reduce inflammation and swelling in the knee.
pain medication
physiotherapy: should be done by all sufferers, both those undergoing surgery or not. This step will help in restoring knee function and strengthen muscles. If your leg muscles are strong, recovery will be faster.
surgery: if your cederaposterior cruciate ligament is classified as severe, you will be asked to undergo surgery. Through surgery, the damaged ligament will be replaced with another ligament taken from the patient's body or the ligament from the donor.

so in fact the view must be in accordance with the severity of the degree and it must be examined by a doctor who mennagani there first. if it has been done with treatment and physiotherapy there is no improvement or getting worse maybe the doctor will recommend surgery.

whereas needling or acupuncture is the technique of inserting or manipulating needles into the "acupuncture points" of the body. According to the teachings of acupuncture, this will restore health and fitness, and is especially good for treating pain originating in Ancient China. I suggest you consult a doctor first to assess the severity of your PCL injury. do not take action without the doctor's advice to immediately examine you.

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