Do PCOS Sufferers Have To Stop Working?

Illustration of Do PCOS Sufferers Have To Stop Working?
Illustration: Do PCOS Sufferers Have To Stop Working?

Good morning my doctor .. Cindy 28tahun age. I have PCOS. What I want to ask if these PCOS patients had to stop working to implement the program of pregnancy? Remember during my working life style terrible .. rarely exercise, eating a healthy diet and irregular breaks .. explanation please thanks

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Good afternoon Cindy, thanks for asking at PCOS or polycyctic ovarian syndrome is a condition when a woman's ovaries or ovaries are overgrown with cysts or fluid-filled sacs which can affect the balance of her female hormones. This imbalance then causes a series of reactions in the body to emerge, such as the appearance of hair on the face, chest, back and arms that are thicker than usual, irregular menstruation, weight gain, hair loss that makes it difficult to get pregnant.

The cause of this condition is still unknown. However, this condition is thought to be related to abnormalities in the hormones insulin, testosterone, lutein, and prolactin, as well as hereditary factors. Regarding your question, PCOS has nothing to do with work or fatigue. Fatigue can indeed make menstruation irregular, but not because of PCOS, so even people who do not experience PCOS if they are tired can still get the bad effects of excessive physical activity on fertility.

You must differentiate this from your next sentence which states that you cannot lead a healthy lifestyle because of work. Because there are people who work but their lifestyle is still healthy. He cooks his own food, extends opportunities to walk (for example by parking far away, not using the elevator but using the stairs, using public transportation), taking time to jump rope, jogging or other sports after work, and so forth. So it's not the same between working, with a bad lifestyle. Even people who do not work, if there is no intention for them to have a good lifestyle, their lifestyle can still be bad.

So our advice, you should try to discuss first about your lifestyle with a nutritionist. Because to talk about this, you need very complete information about what work you do, sleep and wake cycles, your current weight and height, your eating habits and so on. Only then can we discuss how to outsmart your busy life now and lead a much healthier one. But if you think it's hard and have to choose, prioritize more support your health. It's just one more thing you need to remember, work and a healthy lifestyle, can walk side by side. So, hopefully answering your question.

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