Do Pushups Using A Chair Can Enlarge The Arm Muscles?

Illustration of Do Pushups Using A Chair Can Enlarge The Arm Muscles?
Illustration: Do Pushups Using A Chair Can Enlarge The Arm Muscles?

I want to ask r nI can not push up on the floor r nCan push ups use a chair as a support and whether it can build arm muscles

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Hi Simon,

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The arms are composed of many muscles, including the biceps, triceps, deltoids, brachioradialis, and so on. Having the ideal large arm is the dream of most men. This can actually be done with muscle training techniques, which involve contracting the arm muscles as mentioned above.

Some sports options that can be done to enlarge the arm muscles are as follows:

Push ups; lie on your stomach with your arms bent in front of your chest, then straighten your arms to lift your body, keep your body straight, then bend your arms again until your low body almost reaches the floor, then straighten your arms back, and so on. Curl; Hold the dumbbell or dumbbell with your arms in the palm-facing position, lift the weights toward your chest, keep your elbows close to your body (don't move), then straighten your arms, lift them back up, and so on Close-gripbench ; lie down on a flat place, hold a dumbbell or barbell and place your hands about 45 cm apart, lift the dumbbell or barbell, lower it, raise it back, and so on. Hand grippers; grip the hand grippers, loosen up, grip again, and so on Monkey push; put your body in a position like you are going to do a push up, push the tips of your toes and jump to the outside of your left and right hands, then jump back to the starting position followed by a push up motion by bending your elbows while holding them close to your sides, lowering your body toward the floor and so on. One leg rear delt raise Swimming Badminton and so on. It doesn't matter if you push up with the chair as a handrail. However, the results obtained from this activity are certainly not as optimal as those obtained if you do push ups with the right movements. This is because the muscle contraction caused by this activity is not maximal as is the push up movement.

If it is difficult to do push ups, you can combine other movements as mentioned above to get maximum results. Don't forget, consult directly with your personal trainer regarding the best way to get an ideal body posture, especially arms, huh ..

I hope this helps.

dr. Nadia Nurotul Fuadah

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