Do You Feel Palpable During Pregnancy?

Illustration of Do You Feel Palpable During Pregnancy?
Illustration: Do You Feel Palpable During Pregnancy?

Good night, I want to ask r nWhat if you get pregnant the uterus feels very hard?

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Hi Berend,

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Need to be clarified, what is the exact age of the womb that you mean?

During pregnancy, uterine cells proliferate to increase the number of cells (hyperplasia) while enlarging their size (hypertrophy). This proliferation is important so that it can support the growth of the fetus in the womb until it is ready to be born. Not only that, cell proliferation is also supported by the growth of blood vessels and other surrounding tissue.

Initially, the uterus is located inside the pelvic cavity, protected by the pelvic bone. Therefore, in women who are not pregnant, or when the gestational age is still very small, it is impossible to touch the uterus from the outside.

However, along with the increasing gestational age, precisely after the age of the pregnancy stepped 12 weeks or more, the uterus will begin to be more easily palpable from external examination. The uterus is usually palpated as a dense structure, has a rubbery consistency, and a smooth surface. The following is a general description of the height of the uterus based on the estimated gestational age:

The hard or soft (springy) of an object can be very subjective. A chewy uterus can be felt quite hard on some people. As the gestational age increases, the fetus's bones will also be more easily palpated, so that it can cause the structure of the uterus to be palpated harder. The uterus is stretched violently, for example in late trimester pregnancy, pregnancy with polyhydramion (excessive amniotic), twin pregnancy (gemelli), and so on can also feel harder. When contractions, the uterine muscles will also cause the uterus to feel painful and harden.

Therefore, your condition can mean a lot, can be reasonable, or may not. The limited information you provide is related to the purpose of your question, making it difficult for us to identify exactly what causes it. To get a more complete explanation, we recommend that you consult directly with your doctor or obstetrician.

I hope this helps.

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