Do You Need A Mask When Visiting TB And HIV Patients?

Illustration of Do You Need A Mask When Visiting TB And HIV Patients?
Illustration: Do You Need A Mask When Visiting TB And HIV Patients?

I want to ask, is it okay when visiting a patient’s home with MDR TB and HIV guests don’t use masks? The reason the patient has taken medication regularly and guests feel healthy body condition.

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Hello Nauli,

Thank you for the question.

Tuberculosis (TB) is an infection caused by a bacterial microorganism called Micobacterium tuberculosis. Frequently, this disease attacks the lungs, although it does not rule out the possibility of other organ systems. Typically, TB in the lungs can cause sufferers to cough productively. And because these TB-causing microorganisms are mostly contained in airway mucus, transmission can very easily occur when a person coughs, sneezes, even just spits carelessly.

MDR (multi drug resistant) TB is a TB case that is resistant to OAT (anti-TB drugs) that is routinely given. Cases like this are often found in people with poor immune system, including because of HIV. Not only that, close contact with other MDR-TB sufferers and irregular treatment can also cause MDR-TB. As with other types of TB, if MDR-TB can be transmitted very easily through inhalation or ingestion of the patient's respiratory tract mucus into others.

According to various literature, the potential for transmission of TB patients will be greatly reduced if he has been undergoing treatment for at least the first 2 months (intensive phase). However, this does not seem to always apply to people with MDR-TB, given the potential failure of the intensive phase of treatment is quite large. Not a guarantee, a healthy person is not likely to contract TB, especially when in close contact with a TB patient who has not fully recovered without safety at all (in this case, a mask).

Therefore, it is very important for you, if you want to interact with TB sufferers to use the mask properly. Not only that, in order to minimize the risk of transmission, you should:

 Isolation of TB sufferers (such as separating the bathroom, the bedroom, do not exchange personal belongings with him), but do not be ostracized let alone be bullied Remind TB sufferers to regularly undergo treatment and check their TB status regularly to the doctor Remind TB sufferers also to discipline using masks, not coughing, sneezing, or spitting carelessly Improve cleanliness, air circulation, also lighting the environment where you live and work on. Increase your endurance, i.e. with a healthy diet and lifestyle If you then experience symptoms of TB, do not hesitate to check direct yourself to the doctor or doctor of internal medicine to be treated immediately.

I hope this helps.

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