Do You Need A Newborn For 6 Days At MMR?

Illustration of Do You Need A Newborn For 6 Days At MMR?
Illustration: Do You Need A Newborn For 6 Days At MMR?

Good afternoon doctor,

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Hello, Zola. thanks in advance for the question.

Before I want to confirm your question, what do you mean by MMR is MRI? Then for the EHO procedure you mean is Echocardiography? If yes, then the following explanation can we convey.

MRI stands for Magnetic Resonance Imaging which is a type of imaging with magnetic technology and radio waves. The results of this procedure will get detailed and in-depth images of organs, bones, and tissues in the body, because they do not use radiation, this procedure is declared safer to do especially for vulnerable people such as pregnant women and children.

Some indications of this MRI examination for example in the following conditions:
- Brain and spinal cord, for example to detect the presence / absence of head injury, cancer, stroke, damage to brain blood vessels, spinal cord injury, etc.
- Heart organs and blood vessels, with MRI can detect blood flow disorders or inflammation in blood vessels, heart disease, heart damage after a heart attack, the presence / absence of structural abnormalities in the heart organs, etc.
- Bones and joints, to detect bone infections, bone cancer and joint injuries.
- detection of other organs, such as the breast, uterus, bile duct, kidney, etc.

things to note before doing this procedure is if you have aids in the body made of metal or any object attached to the body and made of metal, because it can interfere with the results of the MRI image.

It is better to clarify this matter. You can consult further with the doctor who treats your son, ask for an explanation in detail and various considerations from the doctor regarding this procedure and express the concerns that you feel, because it is the duty of the doctor and medical personnel to explain in detail to patients and the patient's right to be able to consider all the benefits and risks of decisions taken after getting a complete explanation.

Thus the explanation that we can convey, hopefully helps.

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