Do You Need To Wear Minus Glasses?

Hello, yesterday I checked my eyes and the results are right eye -0.50 and left -0.25, is it necessary to wear glasses if the minus is still that much? Then for the glasses should the right and left size be the same / in accordance with the amount of minus the eye?

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The minus eye in the medical realm is called myopia (nearsightedness). This condition occurs when the lens of the eye fails to focus the shadow of a distant object so it falls right on the retina, so it falls precisely in front of it. Patients with minus eyes will experience vision problems, especially when observing objects that are located far away. As for vision problems this is often in the form of blurry vision, but can also appear in other forms, for example eyes that easily feel achy, difficult to focus, watery, and even painful.

The minus eye, although the degree is relatively mild, you should still get treatment. Because, if this is not done, it is feared minus the eye can get worse faster. Handling of this minus the mild eye will usually be done by giving special glasses or contact lenses that are adjusted to the eye's vision value. To get the right glasses or contact lenses, you better check with your doctor directly or the nearest eye specialist.

To help so that the minus eye does not deteriorate quickly, you better also live the following trick:

Use eyeglasses or contact lenses properly according to doctor's orders
Limit activities that make your eyes tired, for example reading small print, reading in a dim room, driving long distances, staring at gadgets for too long
Eat more foods rich in vitamin A
Do not smoke
Live a healthy lifestyle and diet

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