Doc How To Get The Vaccine Again ??

Illustration of Doc How To Get The Vaccine Again ??
Illustration: Doc How To Get The Vaccine Again ??

Assalamulaikum dok .. good night doc..I want to ask about hbsg..pas I graduated from vocational school in 2015 I checked up at the hospital. Military in Palembang .. the results of my lab were hbsg Positive … that too because I wanted to join from the TNI … well in 2018 I took the test again … I found that my HBsG was still positive … I failed at the Kes Gara2 Center, I was positive … if I was injected with the vaccine again, could it still be docked and at home, the public skit or not? ?? Now I am 23 years old doc … before I thank you so much doc ..

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Hello, thank you for the question to

Basically if you have done HBsAg examination 2 times with a distance of more than 6 months and your HBsAg results are still positive, then you can already be said to suffer from chronic hepatitis B. Acute hepatitis B is a disease that can heal on its own and indeed heal on its own without any treatment in most patients (95%), however, very few patients with chronic hepatitis B can recover from this disease.

Chronic hepatitis B may indeed not give any symptoms, however, infection, inflammation, and damage to the liver will continue, until over time when most liver cells have been damaged, there will be a decrease in liver function and then the symptoms will symptoms of liver dysfunction will be seen. People who have chronic hepatitis B infection have a higher risk of developing liver cirrhosis and also liver cancer.

Indeed, not all chronic hepatitis B sufferers need antiviral treatment. However, all sufferers of chronic hepatitis B should receive regular check-ups with an internal medicine doctor to monitor the hepatitis B virus in their body and also monitor the function and damage to the liver that has occurred. It is recommended to see a doctor every 3-6 months (depending on the results of the initial examination and the risk factors you have). Hepatitis B vaccine is not a recommended treatment anymore. Vaccines are highly recommended for people who live with you.

For now, it's best to check with an internist for an initial examination of your hepatitis B (including your liver). Perform examination and therapy recommendations as recommended by your doctor. You must be more careful not to transmit the hepatitis B virus to people around you:

Avoid sexual intercourse or always use a condom
Always cover wounds on your body, especially wounds that bleed
Cleanse the blood that has been scattered using chlorine
Avoid using needles and syringes together
Avoid using tools that could potentially be contaminated with blood together (such as shavers)
Ask your housemates to do a doctor's check-up with you to get hepatitis B screening and hepatitis B vaccination if there is no infection.

So much information from me, hopefully you can answer

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