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Every time I feel an itchy throat, does that mean I have corona virus ?? Or just my paranoid because of the news of this virus that always appears on social media ?? But the itchy throat comes every night, doc. I overcome it by drinking plenty of warm water and gargling salt water doc. Please explain doc ??

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Hello Khairun Nisa,

Corona virus disease (Covid-19) is a disease arising from a new corona virus infection named SARS-CoV-2. How to spread and spread the virus to others is through:

Sneezing droplets or coughs with Covid-19 sufferers inhaled by healthy people
Droplets containing viruses can stick to the surface of objects and live for 3-72 hours depending on the type of object. If someone's hand touches an object that is contaminated with a virus, then with that hand touches the mucosa (mucous membrane) of the mouth, nose, and eyes, then he is at risk for infection.

Covid-19 has symptoms similar to those of other infectious diseases. From medical studies of patients who are positive for Covid-19, the main symptom is fever> 38 degrees Celsius. The most common accompanying symptoms are coughing, sore throat, excessive fatigue, pain in joints and muscles, shortness of breath. In some patients diarrhea, red eyes or rashes such as measles on the skin can also be found.

Suspicion of a Covid-19 diagnosis increases if there is a fever + one of the respiratory symptoms + in the last 14 days there is close contact with a positive sufferer of Covid-19 / suspected Covid-19 or traveling / domicile in areas with local transmission + symptoms experienced are not can be explained by the diagnosis of other diseases. If you meet these criteria, please call the 119 ext 9 or 112 hotline or other Covid-19 hotline number for instructions on the Covid-19 inspection flow.

If there are only symptoms of itchy throat, of course we can still think of other diagnoses in advance such as pharyngitis due to other viral infections, irritant pollutants, allergic reactions, and other respiratory infections, besides Covid-19.

The diagnosis of Covid-19 is confirmed by examining a respiratory (usually throat) swab sample which is then examined in a laboratory by the RT-PCR method to detect the virus that causes Covid-19 in the patient's body.

Covid-19 manifestations in each person is different, in healthy people with good immunity, symptoms may appear mild and do not interfere with patient activity, but patients can still transmit it to others. Covid-19 is a self-limiting disease, which means it can heal itself because of the immunity of the patient's body without specific treatment. However, in high-risk groups, such as the elderly, patients with chronic diseases, patients with immune disorders, Covid-19 manifestations can be severe such as pneumonia, respiratory distress, systemic infections, organ failure, to death.

In the midst of this epidemic, of course we must think everyone has a risk of contracting or even already infected, so the best way to break the chain of transmission is to do independent isolation and physical distancing, besides that cough patients must apply the ethics of coughing right, diligently washing hands with running water and soap, and always apply clean and healthy living behaviors. Please enrich your knowledge of Covid-19 through articles on trusted sites such as WHO, CDC, or the official website of the Indonesian Ministry of Health.

Thus the explanation from me, hopefully useful.

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