Doc, I’d Like To Ask About An Anal Tear

Illustration of Doc, I’d Like To Ask About An Anal Tear
Illustration: Doc, I’d Like To Ask About An Anal Tear

This doc is my wife complaining, some days it was difficult to defecate, even if the defecation was sick, apparently yesterday there was a slight tear in the anus, and yesterday the tear was getting worse, the way to restore the tear is what is it huh doc?

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Good morning, thanks for asking at Difficult conditions in bowel movements and painful when bowel movements are two different complaints. If it is difficult to defecate, it means there is a disruption in passing stool, it could be because the stools settle, there is interference with bowel movements, stools that are too dense, and such, so that stool is difficult to remove when defecating. Meanwhile, if it hurts, especially because there is a tear in the anus, it means the stool can actually come out, but when it comes out it feels painful. It should be ascertained first which is the problem of your wife, whether only one or even both. Because this will affect the handling that will be given.

In addition, the anus cannot be torn just like that. Because this is an injury, there must be a reason, for example, because you have just given birth, have anal sex, or have an accident. To ensure that the event does not recur or gets worse, the main cause must be known and avoided first. For example, if the cause is anal sex, it should not be done again, just dealt with the tear. Regarding the specific handling of the anal tear, it will depend on how big the tear is, if it is large it might need stitches, and if not, it might be enough with ordinary wound care.

In essence, your wife's condition requires a direct examination to ensure she gets the right treatment. Our advice, consult your wife to a general practitioner or may go directly to the surgeon if you believe there are injuries. The doctor will certainly do the clarification by looking at the tear you mean before deciding on treatment. Meanwhile, if your wife has difficulty defecating, ask her to increase consumption of vegetables and fruit, drink plenty of water, avoid pushing too hard, and consult a doctor immediately. So, hopefully answering your question.

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