Doc, Why Is My Child The Heat Has Gone Up And Down Already?

My 3year old child has been 4 days hot. but, sometimes the heat is sometimes normal later suddenly only his head is hot. This condition is followed by a squiggly eye when it’s hot. And inside. Breathing is a bit noisy … Where’s the dock like? How to handle it like where?

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Hello Goddess,

Thank you for the question.

Fluctuating fevers, choking eyes, and noisy breathing in children may indicate inflamed upper airways, for example due to viral infections (including Corona virus), bacterial infections, even due to allergies, foreign body intrusion, benign or malignant tumors, inflammatory disorders , etc. What is meant by the upper respiratory tract here is the nose (rhinitis), sinus (sinusitis), or throat (pharyngitis). Inflammation in this area can make the tear gland ducts that are connected from the eye to the nasal cavity become blocked, until finally the eyes come down too.

Not only that, your child's complaints may also be caused by other factors, for example pneumonia, bronchitis, infections in other organ systems, and so on.

If it's true that the fever has occurred for more than 3 days, you should not just let the condition of your child just like that. Check her immediately to the doctor or pediatrician so that further evaluation can be carried out (such as with blood tests and x-rays) and given further treatment.

At home, the first steps you can take are:

Give your child lots of warm drinks
Don't give children food that is cold, greasy, and artificially sweet
Keep children from dust, cold, and other allergens
Make sure the people around the child are not coughing, runny nose, sneezing, and fever. Even if there are people like this, ask him to use a mask or insulation first so as not to be close to the child
Keep the environment around children to stay clean, away from air conditioners and fans that are too cold
Give your child a lot of fruit that is rich in vitamin C
So that the fever subsides, first give him the drug paracetamol

Hope this helps ...

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