Doctor At Igd?

Illustration of Doctor At Igd?
Illustration: Doctor At Igd?

At night, do I have any specialist doctors in all hospitals?

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In general, hospital emergency rooms will be guarded by general practitioners. If the patient entering the emergency room requires treatment (hospitalization), or the patient requires certain actions (such as immediate surgery), the doctor at the emergency room or the doctor in the room will usually consult the patient's condition to a specialist. In some large hospitals, specialist doctors can also be on guard and can come to the emergency room if called. In specialist medical teaching hospitals, residents (doctors who are studying specialization) take part in the emergency room and will treat patients according to their specialty.

An emergency room or emergency department is a place to treat emergency patients who need immediate treatment and management. If you want to consult a specialist doctor and your condition is not included in an emergency, you can consult a specialist clinic.

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