Doctors Who Deal With HIV

Illustration of Doctors Who Deal With HIV
Illustration: Doctors Who Deal With HIV

Doc, my sister is HIV positive, but has entered an infected stage, she is now TB and world, the hospital is only treated with TB, which I want to ask, to overcome HIV, I have to take it to what specialist doctor? because I’m confused and don’t know, do I have to wait for TB treatment to be finished? thanks doc

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Hello icha,

Thank you for the question.

People with HIV, because of their weak immune system, are more at risk of experiencing a variety of other infectious diseases, including tuberculosis (TB) and pneumonia. This condition requires comprehensive and cross-sectoral handling, given the high potential for complications and death. Usually, to treat patients well, those who will act as physicians in charge are internal medicine doctors, pulmonary doctors, and / or doctors of tropical diseases and infections. However, this may differ depending on the general health condition of the patient, health facility policy, and many other factors.

In general, general practitioners even have the competence to provide treatment to people with HIV. So, if your sister is currently being treated by a doctor, be it a general practitioner or a doctor with any specialization, who knows your sister's HIV status, surely handling of her condition has also been well considered so that all diseases she suffers are handled correctly. So, don't be confused or worry too much, right? Do lots of discussions directly with the doctor who treats your younger siblings so that they are given a correct explanation regarding this matter.

I hope this helps.

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