Does A High Fever Up To 40 Degrees Celsius, Including Symptoms Of Corona Virus?

Illustration of Does A High Fever Up To 40 Degrees Celsius, Including Symptoms Of Corona Virus?
Illustration: Does A High Fever Up To 40 Degrees Celsius, Including Symptoms Of Corona Virus?

Doctor, I want to ask this morning my mother went to the clinic doctor. then when I got home my mother told me there was a child with a 40 degree fever, not being accepted at a health agency. then my mother held the child, I was afraid of the doctor. I’m afraid the child has corona, according to the doctor whether the child is corona? or just a high fever that’s common in children. I asked my mother, saying that the child did not cough just fever. please answer the doctor I thought about my mother after that I told my mother to wash her hands. thank you doctor.

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Hello enelelika

Thank you for asking

I understand your concern, especially when there is an epidemic, but don't make us parno who will cause other pain with our thoughts.

It has been widely explained in social media and in the news about the following viruses. characteristics and prevention, where COVID 19 is a virus that can attack both upper and lower respiratory tract. with typical symptoms such as high fever, coughing and shortness of breath. but can also experience other symptoms such as headaches, sore throat, runny nose, nausea, vomiting and diarrhea but rarely. According to the study, symptoms of COVID-19 appear within 2 days to 2 weeks after exposure to the Corona virus.

but high fever is not always caused by this virus, so many causes of high fever due to bacterial infections can occur or effects due to immunization.

A person can get COVID-19 through a variety of ways, namely:

 Accidentally inhale saliva splashes from sneezing or coughing COVID-19 sufferers Holding mouth or nose without washing hands first after touching objects that are exposed to saliva splashed COVID-19 sufferers Close contact with COVID-19 sufferers, for example touching or shaking hands your mother to frequently do hand washing with soap and melt water, increase endurance with adequate rest and eat nutritious food actually we can prevent virud ni by increasing endurance so that we can fight the virus and live clean and healthy.

If the doctor experiences symptoms of Corona virus infection (COVID-19) as mentioned above, especially if the symptoms appear 2 weeks after returning from an area that has a COVID-19 case or interacting with sufferers of Corona virus infection. When you may be exposed to Corona virus but do not experience any symptoms, you don't need to go to the hospital to have a checkup, just stay at home for 14 days and limit contact with others.

You can check the risk of corona infection here

You can also read this article about the differences between the common cold and corona virus

Thus the info I can give

may be useful

thank you

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