Does A Stroke Take 21 Days To Heal?

Illustration of Does A Stroke Take 21 Days To Heal?
Illustration: Does A Stroke Take 21 Days To Heal?

Good morning … I am irru … I want to ask … does the SAH stroke really need 21 days of healing … and is susceptible to decreased consciousness … does it need special handling other than just being given medicine … if only love is given in medicine … can the bleeding go away … how dangerous is this disease … Thank you …

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Hello Irru,

Stroke is a serious and emergency medical condition, where a part of the brain is damaged because it is not drained by blood due to blockage (ischemic / non-hemorrhagic stroke) or due to rupture of cerebral arteries (hemorrhagic stroke). Damaged brain nerve areas will cause paralysis and damage to certain body organs.

Ischemic strokes are more common in some people, but hemorrhagic strokes more often cause patients to die in a short time. The main symptoms of stroke are weakness / paralysis of one side of the body, parts of the face usually go down, smiles become asymmetrical and have difficulty speaking / pelo. Besides other symptoms of stroke are spinning dizziness, decreased awareness (fainting or can also be confused / confused), severe headaches, nausea accompanied by vomiting, loss of vision, sudden fall / loss of balance. The main risk factors for stroke are hypertension, diabetes mellitus and an uncontrolled increase in blood lipid profile.

Any type of stroke can risk making someone experience a decrease in consciousness. Symptoms and brain damage experienced by a person varies and is very dependent on the area of ​​the brain that does not get oxygen because blood cannot flow to that part.

There is no standard recovery time for patients with stroke, because the degree of stroke varies greatly.

Early treatment of stroke is to minimize the area of ​​the brain that is damaged with drugs and intensive care of patients in the hospital.

In bleeding stroke conditions, sometimes patients with certain criteria can undergo neurosurgery to clean up bleeding, control / stop bleeding and repair damaged blood vessels if possible.

After the patient's medical condition is stable, stroke management is divided into short-term and long-term recovery. The recovery process usually involves the collaboration of a Team of Neurologist and Medical Rehabilitation Specialist. Short-term recovery will focus on restoring the patient's ability to perform simple tasks such as picking up objects, holding spoons. While long-term recovery will train patients to stand and walk.

The condition of each stroke patient varies greatly, you should discuss the patient's condition directly with the team of doctors who care for the patient at this time. Explanation of hopes for recovery, treatment and recovery in the future will be explained in detail by the Doctor.

Read more about Stroke in this article.

Thus the info we can share, hopefully helps you.

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