Does AC Affect Headaches And Nosebleeds?

Illustration of Does AC Affect Headaches And Nosebleeds?
Illustration: Does AC Affect Headaches And Nosebleeds?

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Excessive activities with a computer can indeed cause the eyes to get tired easily and the head muscles become tense. Not only that, if this activity is not balanced with adequate exercise, healthy eating, regular sleep, and good stress management, then various risks of disease can lurk you, for example hypertension, dyslipidemia, nerve nerve, torticollis, migraine, pain cluster head, dyspepsia, dehydration, and so on. These diseases can also make it easier for you to experience headaches.

Excessive AC exposure actually does not directly cause you to experience headaches. However, dry conditions due to excessive exposure to AC can trigger inflammation (rhinitis). This condition often makes you experience repeated nosebleeds. Not only that, in sensitive people, inflammation of the nasal cavity can also spread to the sinus cavity (sinusitis), which can worsen headaches, especially around the eyes and forehead. If you basically have problems with nasal polyps, nasal septal deviation, allergies, respiratory infections, immune disorders, or sensitivity to certain drugs, these complaints can appear even more severe.

The good, you check back yourself to the doctor, neurologist, or ENT doctor. Through direct physical examination, assisted by X-ray examination, rhinoscopy, endoscopy of the nasal cavity, blood tests, CT scans, or maybe other supporting tests, generally doctors can give you the best treatment so that your headaches and nosebleeds are no longer repeated, such as by giving drugs, education, even surgery in some cases that do not respond well to conservative treatment.

In the meantime, what you should do is:

When the headache is disturbing, take paracetamol and warm compresses on the painful area of ​​your head
Even if you are in an air-conditioned room, so that the air does not dry out, use a humidifier
Maintain endurance, i.e. by regularly exercising, getting enough sleep and regularly, eating a variety of nutritious foods (especially containing lots of vitamin C), don't get too tired of activities
Not too much sadness, anxiety, tension, fear, or excessive panic
Make yourself more relaxed, multiply meditation
No excessive use of mobile phones or other gadgets
When it comes to work obligations you have to use the computer for a long time, make sure you do it with the right body position (the distance between the eyes and the computer is set properly, make sure your back position is comfortable, use glasses if you have interference with eye refraction)
Do not carelessly take other medicines without a doctor's prescription

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