Does An Erect Penis Rarely Endanger The Testicles?

Illustration of Does An Erect Penis Rarely Endanger The Testicles?
Illustration: Does An Erect Penis Rarely Endanger The Testicles?

I used to masturbate and make my penis erect by thinking about sex, but now I have stopped and I feel my penis and testicles shrink

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Big or small size penis and testicles (which contain testicles) can be a very subjective. In the medical field itself, there is no standard limit on the exact size of the penis and testicles that are considered normal. However, you are only said to have micropenis (small penis) if when erect, the length does not exceed 9.32 cm. So, you can try to measure how long your penis when erect to make sure, whether your penis really shrink or not. If your penis size is still more than the benchmark number above, it means you have nothing to worry about. Likewise with your testicles, as long as the size is not accompanied by a decrease in function, then this does not always indicate an abnormal. So, the measurement must be objective, right ...

The habit of over-masturbating really should be stopped. Because, a variety of negative effects can lurk if you do this habit. One of them, because accustomed to being aroused by things that are fantasy (not real), then you will need a higher and higher stimulus to be satisfied. If this stimulus you fail to get, then the impact you will feel bored, and erectile difficulties. If this condition is not treated early, then the impact, you can experience impotence and difficulty having children. This condition is also the possibility that makes the size of your penis and testicles seem to shrink.

Aside from the habit of masturbation, if your penis and testicles are really shrinking, this condition may also occur due to hormonal disorders (especially androgen hormones), pituitary gland or hypothalamic abnormalities, genetic disorders, orchitis, aging, testicular torsion, drug side effects alcoholism and so on.

Our advice, in order to be able to do a more accurate examination, you first check with yourself to a doctor or a specialist in andrology. That way, can be assessed objectively, whether your condition is still reasonable or not. If not, then it can be evaluated what causes it and what is the best way to deal with it. In the meantime, you should consistently stop masturbating habits, live a healthy lifestyle, and always keep your intimate area clean, okay?

I hope this helps.

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