Does An Increase In Hb Levels Cause Insomnia?

Illustration of Does An Increase In Hb Levels Cause Insomnia?
Illustration: Does An Increase In Hb Levels Cause Insomnia?

Morning, sorry I want to ask the doctor I did not experience anemia but when I accidentally wanted to check the blood of my test results, my Hb value was 7 g / dL and the ertrocyte index value was also low, then since then I took supplemental blood so that my Hb value gradually increased until number 12 g / dL as well as the erythrocyte index value. however, since my Hb was in the normal range, it made me difficult to sleep at night, and could not take a nap.

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Hi Nisa,

Sleep disorders such as difficulty falling asleep or difficulty falling asleep are also known as insomnia. As for some things that generally cause insomnia are as follows:

 Psychological conditions such as stress, depression or anxiety disorders Unhealthy lifestyles Consumption of drugs or stimulating substances Other medical conditions, for example disorders of thyroid hormone function Increased Hb levels are not one of the common causes of insomnia so it is very unlikely that your complaints are caused by these conditions and are more likely to be caused by other conditions.

If indeed your insomnia is interfering with your daily activities, I strongly recommend that you consult directly with a mental health specialist to ascertain the cause of your complaint so that appropriate treatment can be carried out. If your insomnia is caused by another medical condition, the doctor will treat the condition that underlies your complaint and prescribe a class of diazepam drugs to help deal with complaints. In addition to medication, your doctor can also do cognitive therapy and counseling if needed.

The following recommendations for you:

 Make a healthy lifestyle Manage stress wisely Make the atmosphere of the bedroom as comfortable and calm as possible Avoid the use of gadgets and electronics in the sleep room Avoid exercising around bedtime Avoid consuming stimulants such as coffee around sleep time Immediately consult a doctor if complaints persist or worsen Next article related to your question :


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