Does Appendicitis Cause Late Menstruation?

Illustration of Does Appendicitis Cause Late Menstruation?
Illustration: Does Appendicitis Cause Late Menstruation?

At night, Ulfa is 16 years old. I often get abdominal pain right, after being examined by a doctor it turns out I have symptoms of appendicitis, there my body is limp, rarely defecate and if bowel movements often bleed. Nausea. So after that, I began to feel a month since I hadn’t menstruated? Does appendicitis cause late menstruation? I’m afraid, is it pregnant or what? I’ve been late this month. I need His advice

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Hello Ulfa,

Thank you for the question.

Need to be clear, have you ever had sex?

Pain in the right abdomen, weakness, rarely bowel movements, bowel movements, and nausea can indeed be part of the symptoms of appendicitis (appendicitis). In addition, these complaints can also arise due to other digestive disorders, such as intestinal inflammation, digestive infections, irritable bowel syndrome, food poisoning, food allergies or malabsorption, stomach ulcers, duodenal ulcers, hemorrhoids, anal fissures, intestinal cancer, and so. Disorders of other organ systems, such as urinary tract infections or stones, pelvic inflammation, pregnancy, wine pregnancy, ectopic pregnancy, endometriosis, and so on can also cause almost similar complaints.

Late menstruation, aside from pregnancy and pregnancy disorders (such as wine pregnancy or ectopic pregnancy), can also occur due to stress that your body experiences when experiencing the above illnesses. In addition, fatigue, impaired hormonal balance, side effects of medications, eating disorders, excessive weight loss or increase, ovarian cysts, etc. can also cause menstruation to come late.

If you have never had sex before, of course do not need to worry about the possibility of pregnancy. Another story, if you've previously had sex.

The good, check your condition back to the doctor or a specialist in internal medicine, yes .. To monitor the possible causes of your complaints, the doctor can direct you to undergo blood tests, urine, feces, ultrasound, and so on. If he suspects that you are pregnant, you can be referred to a gynecologist for further treatment.

In the meantime, the best thing to do is:

Warm compresses on your stomach that are painful and nauseous
Drink more, at least 10 glasses a day
Not excessive eating instant food, spicy, fatty, coconut milk, oily, sour, especially if not hygienically processed
Don't like to hold BAB
If not married, stay away from all forms of premarital sex
When married, ONLY have safe and responsible sex
Be diligent in exercising every day
Do not carelessly take medication, including menstrual smoothing drugs, without doctor's advice

Hope this helps ...

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