Does Bartholin Cyst Can Cause Difficult Pregnancy?

Illustration of Does Bartholin Cyst Can Cause Difficult Pregnancy?
Illustration: Does Bartholin Cyst Can Cause Difficult Pregnancy?

Good night, a few days ago (Monday) I went to the obstetrician because there was a lump in the right vaginal area (since week). The doctor diagnosed Bartharth cysts and advised me to immediately get hsg because the doctor was worried that my tuba if infected would become sticky and close my chance to get pregnant. The doctor did not prescribe me any medicine because indeed I did not feel anything, the doctor would give me a prescription medicine if I had a fever, itching, pain, he said. So what I do at home is to keep my vagina clean and not related to my husband until my lump is healed. What I want to ask is what is the true cause of the Bartholin cyst just because the bacteria from the STI alone? So, is it true that Bartholin cysts can cause pregnancy? And is it really because I don’t feel anything so I am not given medicine? Will this also be a kind of recurring disease? Tks

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Bartholin cyst is a fluid-filled sac that forms in the Bartholin gland. Bartholin gland itself is a gland located near the mouth of the vagina and has the function of secreting fluid that lubricates the vagina. Bartholin cysts can be formed due to a blockage in the outlet of the Bartholin gland, so that the results of glandular secretions cannot come out and gather in the cyst bag. These cysts can become infected and form Bartholin's gland abscesses.

The causes of blocked ducts from Bartholin's own glands can vary, but the most common cause is injury to the vaginal area or infection. Infection can be caused by bacteria from the digestive tract such as E. coli or bacteria that are transmitted through sexual contact such as Gonorrhea and Chlamydia. As you can read above, the cause of a Bartholin cyst is not always a sexually transmitted infection, but a sexually transmitted infection can be one of the causes of a Bartholin cyst.

Bartholin's cyst itself will not cause difficulty in pregnancy, but if it is caused by infections such as Gonorrhea and Chlamydia, this infection can pose a risk of causing fertility problems and difficulty getting pregnant. You should ask your doctor directly about the recommended follow-up examination whether it is necessary or not.

Basically, bartholin cysts that are asymptomatic do not require any therapy. If the cyst is very large and disruptive or if there are signs of infection, the doctor may recommend measures such as discharge of fluid in the cyst, administering antibiotics, or perform marsupialization (making permanent exit channels) if the cyst does appear repeatedly. Bartholin cysts that have healed themselves or healed after the discharge action in the cyst may recur.

Some things you can do:

maintain the cleanliness of your vaginal area with a good sitz bath that is soaking the vaginal area with warm water for 15-20 minutes several times a day (warm water only, do not be mixed with soap or other chemicals) do sexual intercourse in a healthy manner, do not change partners or use condoms when having sex.

So much information from me, hopefully enough answer

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