Does Being Overweight Make Menstrual Cycles Irregular?

Illustration of Does Being Overweight Make Menstrual Cycles Irregular?
Illustration: Does Being Overweight Make Menstrual Cycles Irregular? Bing

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Weight that is not ideal, namely too fat or too thin, can indeed make menstruation become abnormal. In the case of you who are overweight, according to a lot of literature, excess fat deposition in the body can produce effects resembling the hormone estrogen (estrogenic effect). As a result, this condition can cause an imbalance in the hormones that regulate your period. As a result, periods may be shorter and less frequent, or even no periods at all.

Exercise is indeed useful in helping to maintain hormonal balance in the body, including hormones that regulate menstruation. However, if this exercise is not balanced with a good diet, optimal stress management, and a healthy lifestyle, then of course this effort is not optimal. Therefore, in addition to exercising regularly, we recommend that you also take the following steps:

Calm your mind, don't stress or worry too much Sleep regularly 6 to 8 hours a day Eat lots of vegetables and fruit Limit fatty foods, instant foods, preservatives Drink lots of water Stay away from cigarettes and alcohol Set a realistic but consistent weight loss target, which is around 0, 5 to 1 kg per week Finally, in order to optimize your efforts, also check the health of your reproductive organs to a gynecologist. With a thorough examination and also supporting tests, such as laboratory tests or ultrasound, the doctor can identify possible diseases that require special treatment, such as ovarian cysts, hyper or hypothyroidism, pituitary gland tumors, and so on. The earlier treatment is carried out, the greater the potential for healing. If necessary, your doctor may refer you to a nutritionist for a weight loss program. That way, the potential for future fertility problems due to irregular menstrual cycles can be minimized.

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