Does Bell’s Palsy Disease Can Recur?

Illustration of Does Bell’s Palsy Disease Can Recur?
Illustration: Does Bell’s Palsy Disease Can Recur?

Tonight … I am a Belss Palsy patient, it happened suddenly, and I just realized the day after when I could no longer drink water without spilling, It happened, exactly 2 Weeks ago. Pas Tuesday, March 5, 2019, even 2 Sunday. But, fortunately, there is a physiotherapist in my village, therapy has been done almost every day, walking 2 weeks. Historically, a week later, after therapy, I was advised to control Dr. Nerves, from Dr. Nerves, I was given the drug Prednisone, Methycobal / Mecobalamin, u0026amp; Ulcer drug, Omeprazole …, what I want to ask, “Oh, so I introduce myself, first. My mother is a child 1, she is only 7 years old, my job, School Operators (which days are spent in front of leptop u0026amp; hp), Does that have an effect? ​​Then, or because there is a bloodline that causes me to experience this disease. Then, if this disease will come back again even though I have recovered completely? Then, if this is caused because there is a lineage, my descendants in the future whether at risk of this disease? # Sorry, the question is too long, because, since childhood, now, I have never been sick. I have to have contact with the hospital, #Please respond. Thank you🙏

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Good morning, thanks for asking at Bell's palsy is a condition of weakness or even paralysis of one side of the facial muscles that is temporary. The existence of this muscle weakness makes the face look down and this is what causes ordinary people to often misinterpret this condition with a stroke. The difference, in a stroke, in addition to facial muscles, there is usually also weakness in one side of the limb, be it the left or the right.

Regarding your question, so far the reason why someone can finally experience Bell's palsy cannot be known with certainty. However, this condition is usually associated with herpes simplex virus infection, varicella zoster virus, CMV virus, syphilis disease, Lyme disease, epstein barr virus, and exposure to cold air on one side of the face continuously.

So that this condition does not decrease and is not related to the fact whether you have a family with similar complaints or not. But regarding the potential for recurrence, this condition is very rare and only occurs in 7-8% of all Bell's palsy cases that occur worldwide. The gap isn't close, so you don't need to worry. However, because the cause is uncertain, no prevention can be done. You just have to live a healthy lifestyle by staying away from cigarette smoke, maintaining an ideal body weight, exercising regularly, eating nutrient-rich foods such as vegetables and fruit, and if symptoms return, check yourself with a neurologist because it could be that it's not Bell's palsy. So, hopefully answering your question.

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