Does Breast Milk Can Make A Baby Fever?

Illustration of Does Breast Milk Can Make A Baby Fever?
Illustration: Does Breast Milk Can Make A Baby Fever?

Good morning, I want to ask if breast milk can make a baby have a fever. my child aged 2 months every given breast milk immediately fever. But if I drink milk, my baby doesn’t have a fever. Explanation please. Thank you

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A good afternoon. Thank you for asking

Breast milk is the best nutrition for babies, especially those aged less than 6 months, this is because breast milk contains good antibodies to be passed on to their children so that children are expected to be able to fight bacteria and viruses that cause illness. And at the beginning of getting ASI will be contained collustrum which is ASI with high concentrations related to antibodies this will be very beneficial for babies in the face of illness.

Associated with the condition of breastfeeding which causes fever usually will be very rare and may be considered other causes of fever such as

The baby is experiencing a viral or bacterial infection
The temperature is hot
Use clothes that are too thick or closed
After immunization

However, if there is no cause, you should check with your doctor, especially a pediatrician. If there is a very high fever> 39 deraja, with nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, very fussy, fever> 3 days should be immediately taken to the hospital.

Some things that can be done as an initial step at home handlers are

Compress your child with warm water
Avoid using clothes that are too thick
Set a comfortable room temperature
Inadequate your child's fluid needs

More information in this article.

Thus the information we can convey. Thanks.

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