Does Bronchitis Include Pneumonia?

Illustration of Does Bronchitis Include Pneumonia?
Illustration: Does Bronchitis Include Pneumonia?

Excuse me, do you want to ask if bronchitis is pneumonia? how to make my bronchitis recover quickly, yes doctor, thank you

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Good evening, thanks for asking at Bronchitis and pneumonia are two different diseases. To understand the difference, it takes a little knowledge about the anatomy or structure of the respiratory tract.


The picture above shows a person's respiratory system. Starting from the nostrils, the air enters the esophagus, then divides into the left and right lungs. These branches that divide to the left and right are called the bronchus, or bronchi. If there is inflammation in this part, that is called bronchitis. Bronchitis is the main symptom of coughing, and can be caused by bacteria or viruses.

While in pneumonia, there are further abnormalities. In the picture you can see after the two main bronchial branches, the lungs will continue to divide into much smaller branches until they reach the air sacs called alveoli / alveoli whose picture is clarified in the upper right. If there is inflammation in this part, be it by bacteria, viruses or fungi, then that is called pneumonia. So the two diseases are indeed different, although the symptoms may be similar.

Then regarding the handling of bronchitis, what you need to know next is that bronchitis is divided in two from the duration of occurrence, namely acute and chronic. Acute bronchitis means the condition has just occurred, and usually not until a matter of months. While chronic bronchitis means this condition has been happening for months, or even years. Acute bronchitis can usually heal by itself while chronic bronchitis, the goal of treatment is generally only to relieve symptoms and prevent recurrence.

So in your condition, it is important to know whether you really have bronchitis or other conditions, such as corona infections, and if indeed bronchitis, is acute or chronic. To find out, check with your lung doctor so that you can be examined and treated according to your needs. Meanwhile, drink plenty of warm water, take regular breaks, avoid smoking, breathe warm water vapor, wear a mask when outside the home, limit activities outside the home, and consume vegetables and fruit. So, hopefully answering your question.

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