Does Coughing In Children With Asthma Last Long?

Illustration of Does Coughing In Children With Asthma Last Long?
Illustration: Does Coughing In Children With Asthma Last Long?

Afternoon … my husband’s family has a history of asthma. And my ankle has been affected at this age of 8 years. The doctor coughed back and forth 2 months ago. Accompanied with a cold. . It is recommended for each dust to recur. I also bought a tool for home. What I want to ask: 1. Does the cough in children with asthma last long. (Because some say they must and some don’t) 3. What is the use of dust every day doesn’t matter huh. Please answer the problem I’m confused. Thanks for the time

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Asthma is a form of hypersensitivity reaction in the respiratory tract that is triggered by an allergic reaction from the body. Generally, these allergic reactions can be passed down from parent to child. Coughing caused by asthma lasts relatively longer compared to other causes, because in asthma there is an acute reaction that irritates the respiratory tract, so that generally the cough or shortness subsides after the airway irritation is resolved.

The causes or triggers of asthma can vary and differ in each person, including:

Cigarette dust Pollution Pollution Plant air is too hot Cold air Food Therefore the most effective way to prevent asthma recurrence is to avoid triggers, along with the use of routine control drugs

According to a recent study, the use of nacl is no longer a compulsory, so it is not a problem when dusting without using nacl.

Using dust regularly for several days is not a problem, but what is important is an evaluation of your child's condition with frequent recurrence.

It is a good idea to check your child with a pediatrician to get further examination and treatment related to your child's condition

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