Does Cylinder -0.5 Still Need Glasses?

Illustration of Does Cylinder -0.5 Still Need Glasses?
Illustration: Does Cylinder -0.5 Still Need Glasses?

Good night, doctor. I am 20 years old Lena, TB = 152, BB = 49. I examined my eyes at the eye health center, but the doctor who examined did not explain in detail about the results of my examination, only said that I was cylindrical. I saw in the prescription glasses the results were right eye cyl -0.5 ax 165 left eye cyl -0.5 ax 10. As for the sph column but it was not filled (empty). Meanwhile, my friends whose eyes are minus, the sph cyl and ax columns are all filled. My friend’s right and left eye sph 2.25 cyl 0.75 ax 90. The question I have is, does my eye condition actually still need glasses or don’t really need glasses? Then, can it be explained about the differences in sph cyl and ax in the prescription glasses?

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Hello Lena, thank you for asking at

Cylinder eye or in medical language is called astigmatism, including one of the visual impairments (visual disturbances) where this disorder occurs due to abnormalities in the shape of the corneal curvature or the lens of the eye.

This disorder can occur alone or in conjunction with other visual impairments such as the eyes of your friends, the eye minus (nearsightedness) or even accompanying the eyes of the plus (farsightedness).

These cylindrical eye disorders often cause no complaints at all and are only detected when the eye examination is done, or can also cause some symptoms such as:

Looking at objects that are straight appear oblique
Blurred vision
Difficult to see at night
Eyes get tired easily
Dizziness or headache
Difficulty in distinguishing colors that are quite similar
Often squint when reading / seeing something

Regarding whether it requires the use of glasses or not, from the medical side of course recommended, because the use of glasses aims to optimize your vision. However, the decision whether to use glasses or not, all back to your own.

For questions about the code differences in prescription glasses, here are the explanations:

Sph is the abbreviation for spheris, which is the code for the strength of the spherical lens used in glasses. This column is commonly filled with code - or + along with a number indicating the type of spherical lens to be used and the strength of the lens requested. These signs and figures will be obtained from the results of eye examinations that have been carried out, where the mark - is used for glasses in nearsightedness and the + sign is used for glasses in nearsightedness. If this column is left blank, as you have, you don't suffer from nearsightedness or farsightedness.
Cyl is the singular of a cylinder or cylinder, which is the code for making cylindrical lens glasses where the type and strength of the lens required for the manufacture of special cylindrical eye glasses will be written. There are only 1 types of lenses for these glasses, namely lens types -. This column can also be filled in or not, depending on the results of the eye examination whether there is a cylindrical eye disorder or not.
Ax stands for axis, which is the angle at which to place the focal point of the lens so that the eye can see clearly when cylindrical glasses are used. Determination of the angle is also done when a visual examination is done, generally by asking the patient to see fan-shaped lines and asked to determine which lines are most obvious when the examination glasses are used.

I hope this helps.

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