Does DHF And Typhus Affect The Menstrual Cycle?

Illustration of Does DHF And Typhus Affect The Menstrual Cycle?
Illustration: Does DHF And Typhus Affect The Menstrual Cycle?

, I want to ask, on the 17th of July I was sick of dbd, typhus and almost had diarrhea, this August my menstrual cycle was back from date, did my pain last month affect my menstrual cycle this month?

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Menstrual cycles are related to the regulation of reproductive hormones in the body. The hormones estrogen and progesterone produced in the reproductive organs, as well as the FSH and LH hormones from the brain are hormones that function to regulate a woman's menstrual cycle each month and while undergoing pregnancy. Normally the menstrual cycle occurs between 28 to 35 days. Whether or not the menstrual cycle is affected is influenced by various factors, including hormonal fluctuations, food consumed, physical / psychological stress, fatigue, activities undertaken, excess body weight, effects of using contraceptive pills / drugs containing hormones, polycystic ovary syndrome, etc.

Related to your condition, menstruation that is retreating from the previous cycle is a natural thing to happen and is not directly related to the pain you previously experienced. Hormonal problems are the most frequent causes that cause the menstrual cycle to be more backward than the previous cycle. Every woman has a different menstrual pattern. If menstruation goes back 3-7 days or up to 14 days, it is still considered normal. This can occur due to conditions in the body itself that cause imbalance of reproductive hormones that regulate the menstrual cycle. A variety of factors can contribute to this condition. Medications that you may have consumed before, stress or anxiety that you feel, eating patterns or types of food consumed (too fatty, lacking balanced nutrition) can affect the menstrual cycle. So you don't have to worry if your menstrual cycle becomes irregular compared to the previous cycle. Over time, the menstrual cycle will return to normal as before if you are able to avoid factors that can trigger hormonal imbalances.
If necessary, consult with your nearest doctor or obstetrician to get information and evaluations directly related to your condition.
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