Does Eating Spicy Foods Include Hurting Yourself?

Illustration of Does Eating Spicy Foods Include Hurting Yourself?
Illustration: Does Eating Spicy Foods Include Hurting Yourself?

Good morning. I’m Jeannie, 19 years old. I have a habit, every time I am angry, upset or disappointed I always take it out with spicy food. The higher my anger the higher the spicy level I eat. I know my stomach has a problem, but still I eat. The question is whether my habits include hurting myself? Thanks.

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Hi Jeannie,

The act of self-injury / self injury is one form of behavioral disorders in the form of actions to injure the body with sharp or blunt objects, for example cutting hands, burning the skin, hitting the wall, banging the head, drinking poison, and pulling hair.

Generally self-injury is done to vent excessive emotions or divert attention from thoughts that are considered disturbing. Self injury can be a symptom of depression, mood disorders, PTSD, and threshold personality disorders.

Associated with spicy food, spicy food can stimulate the hormone endorphins in the body. The endorphin hormone is produced by the pituitary gland and the central nervous system. Its function is to help reduce pain and trigger positive feelings. Although it can trigger endorphins, eating excessively spicy foods is not good for digestion, especially if you have a history of gastric disease.

Try to do the following tips:

Divert attention when you want to eat spicy food
If you are feeling angry or upset, try to do other activities such as sports. Exercise also stimulates the endorphins so that the body is expected to be more relaxed. Examples of sports that can be done such as yoga, swimming, jogging
Manage stress well
When you feel angry try not alone in the room

If you still find it difficult to control your emotions and always run to spicy foods to affect your physical (stomach ulcers recur), it never hurts if you consult further with a psychologist or psychiatrist yes.

Hope it helps you,

Thank you

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