Does Emotions Affect Whether Itching Or Eczema?

Illustration of Does Emotions Affect Whether Itching Or Eczema?
Illustration: Does Emotions Affect Whether Itching Or Eczema?

I am 14 years old, I suffer from Wet Eczema. When I’m upset and angry, my skin will itch. If I have nightmares, I unconsciously scratch my skin until it bleeds. On my face there are some parts of her skin thick, dry, red, white spots, rough, peeling and very itchy, my sister suffered the same thing but she was not itchy. Every time I wound on the skin, the wound never healed but instead became itchy and eczema. I have suffered from eczema for years. When some parts of the eczema have healed, suddenly a few watery pimples appear, if until the pustules break, my eczema will recur again. Question: 1. Does emotions affect the itchiness of the skin? 2. What is the difference between wet eczema and milk eczema? 3. In the face, what do I suffer from? Is it pitysiaris alba, or eczema? 4. What should I do when the wound is not eczema? 5. Can eczema heal completely? 6. What soap and lotion recommendations for very dry or eczema skin? 7. What should I do if the watery pimple appears? Please answer all my questions, because it will really help me – thank you.

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In general, eczema is a skin disease accompanied by complaints of itching, redness, and inflammation. The term eczema or eczema refers more to medical conditions of atopic dermatitis. So the term eczema wet, eczema, dry, or you call eczema milk is a picture of complaints received by the public.
Regarding your question:
1. emotional or psychological conditions can affect itchy complaints felt by patients, this is also the case with psichogenic pruritus, which is itching complaints that are affected by psychological conditions in relation to triggers, complaint intensity, complaint aggressiveness, or persistent itching complaints. Although the exact cause is not fully known, but if the doctor's examination results do not find the exact cause of complaints of itching or eczema, but the psychological influence plays a major role in the clinical evaluation of patients with complaints of itching or eczema, psychological pruritus becomes a consideration and needs to be treated both in terms of dermatology or the psychiatric side, such as anxiety control, stressor control, relaxation therapy and depression.

2. There is no medical term in the form of basic eczema and milk eczema. However, the second possibility leads to ulcers or wounds that are long healed and are accompanied by itching or risk of infection. So if you follow the wet eczema approach, then the eczema complaints that you feel that start dry and red, have complications in the form of a long time to heal, wound, and become infected, then this complaint becomes wet eczema.

3. From the information you submit, the possibility of this complaint is an eczema, either due to an inflammatory process due to allergens, irritants, or other conditions such as possible fungal infections or a psoriasis. So to ensure the complaint that you feel an eczema or not, it is advisable to do a consultation and examination directly by your dermatologist. The doctor will look directly at this complaint and ascertain the cause. So that handling can be given appropriately.

4. take good care of the wound, and avoid contact with water. as early as possible, you do a consultation with your dermatologist, then the complaints you feel will soon improve.

5. If eczema is caused by contact with irritants, substances that cause allergies or a wound, then preventing contact with irritants, allergens or preventing worsening wounds will help prevent the risk of developing skin eczema. Maintaining a healthy body, exercising, maintaining healthy skin, a healthy environment, and avoiding stress or anxiety will help you prevent this recurrence from eczema. In addition, consult with a dermatologist, is expected to help education and care at home.

6. no specific brand recommendations, only changing brands of soap or skin care or changing drugs without direction from your doctor. Use skin care that suits you even though it's not expensive.

7. if nodules appear, then avoid scratching the area, but you can give a cold compress for the first 1-2 days, so that the inflammatory process immediately improves. Furthermore, 3-5 days after that, you can do a warm compress. If there are wounds, you should do a dry compress. Avoid boxes with water, give antiseptics such as drugs that contain iodine, and if within 2 days the complaint persists or gets worse, consult a dermatologist immediately.

Thus the info we can convey.

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