Does Fever Indicate Resistance Is Fighting?

Illustration of Does Fever Indicate Resistance Is Fighting?
Illustration: Does Fever Indicate Resistance Is Fighting?

night, I have a son aged 4thn .., once one night his body temperature up to 38.5 …, but before that morning until evening there was nothing, even eating normally always hungrily, when I slept, I held his body temperature high, I check using the thermometer to 38.5 …, my wife said it was a sign of immune substances in the body lg fight poison etc …, when I wake up while in the body temperature drops to 37.4 …, in the morning 36.5 … is it true that the immune system is working ..

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Fever is defined as an increase in body temperature above normal 37.5 degrees. Fever can be caused by various causes, both infection and non-infection. Causes of infection include bacterial, viral or parasitic infections, while non-infectious causes include dehydration, inflammation of blood vessels, and so on.

Although a fever causes a person to become weak and like not powered, but fever is one of the body's mechanisms that play a role in fighting infections that enter the body. In body temperature that rises during fever, some of the body's immune system processes increase in terms of an increase in the number of immune cells, mobility, and the ability to fight infection, also certain infectious agents are unable to survive high body temperatures.

Besides being caused by illness, fever can also be caused due to exposure to weather and excessive heat, being in the menstrual cycle, the reaction after giving immunizations to children, as well as due to side effects from certain drugs. Indeed seeing your child having a fever is worrying, but most of the fever caused by the virus will recover by itself. But if the fever is above 390C, you must be vigilant. Do the following at home to help reduce fever in your child:

Adequate rest, if your child has entered PAUD or Kindergarten, you should first get permission to rest at home;
Use clothes made of cotton so that they absorb sweat and are comfortable to wear;
Tidarlah in a cool room, if there is air conditioning, set the temperature so that it is not too cold;
Drink at least 1 liter of water per day;
Compress the forehead, armpits, groin and neck with warm water;
Take a shower with warm water;
Take over-the-counter medications such as paracetamol.

If then your child's fever does not go down and even reaches 40 degrees, has a seizure, has decreased consciousness, and hallucinations appear, then immediately come to the ER to get immediate treatment so that body temperature immediately drops. I hope this helps


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