Does Food Cause Stunting?

Illustration of Does Food Cause Stunting?
Illustration: Does Food Cause Stunting?

Hello, I’m 20 years old. My right eye is twisted at the bottom of the eyelid and it’s inside the eyelid. For a week it has subsided and no more pain, but suddenly a pimple appeared again in my left eye, precisely at the top of my eyelid, and felt very sore. I have tried to avoid not eating eggs because they say that stingers can be triggered from food allergies. During the week I did not eat eggs at all but I ate foods that use a lot of flavoring or MSG like noodles. Does the food cause starfish, thank you, Thank you.

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Hi Danynurmadinah,

Thank you for asking

Some people do have a higher risk of recurring (hordeolum), including:

People who often hold their eyes with dirty hands, including when using contact lenses
People who often let cosmetics stick around their eyes for a long time, especially cosmetics that have expired and are not suitable for use
Patients with certain skin diseases, such as rosacea
Blepharitis (inflammation of the eyelids)

Certain food consumption actually has no direct correlation with stumps. However, consumption of foods high in protein, including egg yolks, is thought to exacerbate inflammation of the eyelids due to stunting, therefore consumption needs to be limited. Food allergies and consumption of foods containing MSG that has not been flavored until now causes stunting.

Frequently, bintitan can be deflated or broken by itself without the need for special handling. However, if stubborn very often recur, of course this condition can be very disturbing for sufferers. Not only itching, aching, lumps, and pain around the eyelids, nodules can also cause distracted vision due to the field of vision covered by bumps. Therefore, if you experience this condition, you should check yourself directly to a doctor or an eye specialist, right? The doctor can give you several types of drugs or surgery if necessary.

In the meantime, to speed up the healing of staples, the following steps you can do:

Apply warm compresses to the bint for 5 to 10 minutes, repeat several times a day while pressing gently
Keep your eyes and eyelids clean, i.e. by:

Wash your face regularly morning and evening
Clean cosmetics well, especially at bedtime
Do not use cosmetics that are out of date and not suitable for use
Do not hold eyes with dirty hands
Always wash your hands before handling the area around the eyes

Do not squeeze or hold excessive stiffness
Do not also give care carelessly on staples
Drink plenty of water

Hope this helps ...

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