Does Genital Herpes Cause Red Spots On The Body?

Illustration of Does Genital Herpes Cause Red Spots On The Body?
Illustration: Does Genital Herpes Cause Red Spots On The Body?

, currently I am infected with genital herpes (primary), but I see on my body there are also some red spots about 5-6 seeds. This red spot has no eyes and is like a zit that is mature but doesn’t feel itchy. Also, there are patches in the lower abdomen that are smoother (flat) and not itchy. All of these symptoms seem to appear with my herpes.

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Herpes is caused by Herpes simplex virus type 2 (HSV 2). This virus spreads through contact with wounds in herpes sufferers, for example during sexual intercourse. In addition, HSV 2 can also be transmitted from mother to her baby at the time of delivery. Can be a latent infection in nerve cells and the risk of reappear when someone has a fever, injury, stress, and menstruation. This herpes has several infections.

The initial stage is that the symptoms that appear are blisters (blisters) are small and painful. Blisters usually contain clear or cloudy liquid, and can rupture and cause open sores. The area around the blister will turn reddish.
Latent stage, the virus is spreading to nerves near the spinal cord through the skin.
Stage of decay that develops at the nerve endings of the body's organs. Usually there are no visible symptoms, but actually there is a proliferation of viruses in the body.
Recurrence stage (reappears). At this stage, skin blisters that occur in the first stage can reappear. Usually not as severe as the previous blisters and scabs. Symptoms that commonly appear at this recurrence stage are itching, tingling, and pain in the area affected by infection at the first stage.

Type 2 herpes is the genital area while type 1 herpes is usually the mouth area.

Symptoms that can be caused by HSV 1 infection or oral herpes are:

Begins with fever, muscle aches, and weakness.
Appears pain, itching, burning or stabbing at the site of infection.
Then a blister appears, which is a skin lesion such as a blister that breaks and dries in a few days.
The broken blister results in painful sores. If it occurs in the mouth, it can interfere with eating.

If the rash is not shaped with liquid in it some other things might happen ie

Lion king or syphilis is a sexually transmitted disease caused by a parasite in the form of treponema pallidum. Can spread through physical contact with the wound that is in the patient, should also be examined also for active sexual partners. Symptoms of syphilis or syphilis are classified according to the stage of development of the disease. Each type of syphilis has different symptoms. The following is the explanation:

Primary syphilis This type of syphilis is characterized by sores at the site where bacteria enter, so it can be a lump around the genitals that looks like a protruding but painless wound.
Secondary syphilis This type of syphilis is characterized by the appearance of rashes on the body.
Tertiary syphilis Syphilis can cause damage to other organs of the brain, nerves, or heart.

Allergic reaction is the formation of the immune system against a substance that exposes the body. Symptoms arising from the emergence of reddish-colored bumps, dissatisfied. The cause of hives in general is an allergic reaction to an object or substance that causes the immune system to release histamine, and can also be associated with stress, reaction to heat, exercise, infection, or certain diseases, such as thyroid disease or cancer.

Measles is the appearance of a red rash throughout the body resulting from a viral infection. Experiencing symptoms such as cough, runny nose, and fever. Then often appear vaginal discharge in the mouth, followed by the emergence of redness on the face. Over time, the rash can spread to almost all parts of the body.

We recommend that you do routine control and treatment according to the rules so as to prevent complications that occur

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