Does Having Hepatitis B Can Breastfeed ??

Illustration of Does Having Hepatitis B Can Breastfeed ??
Illustration: Does Having Hepatitis B Can Breastfeed ??

Tonight … I want to ask when I was pregnant, my first child, I checked HB, and it turns out I was affected by HIV or hepatitis B, someone said I shouldn’t breastfeed, but there were also people who said they could, please know the real thing …?

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Hello Linda, thank you for the question to

Women who are infected with hepatitis B may still and still be encouraged to breastfeed their babies. Various studies have shown that the risk of hepatitis B transmission through breast milk is very small and the risk of a baby getting hepatitis B from a mother with hepatitis B is the same for mothers who are breastfeeding and not breastfeeding. The risk of transmission is greater through labor.

Some things you need to remember:

Children should get hepatitis B immunoglobulin and hepatitis B vaccine in the first 12 hours after birth Give the hepatitis B vaccine a repeat test for children according to the specified schedule Do not breastfeed the child directly if there is a bloody nipple or a wound on the breast nipple Breast pump from the injured breast and do not Give the milk to the child As long as your nipples are not injured, the child can still suckle as usual. Here are more articles that you can read to be able to breastfeed your baby properly:

Caring for breasts while breastfeeding.

Causes and ways to deal with nipples blisters when breastfeeding.

So much information from me, hopefully enough answer

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