Does Hemorrhoids Need Surgery?

, want to ask, my husband has hemorrhoid and continues to bleed, do I have to operate or can be treated through drugs?

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Hemorrhoid or in medical language called hemorrhoids is an abnormality in the rectal wall or rectum due to swelling of blood vessels in the area. Hemorrhoids can occur outside (external hemorrhoids) or inside (internal hemorrhoids).
 Symptoms and signs that often occur include fresh blood during bowel movements, pain during bowel movements, and lumps during bowel movements.

Internal hemorrhoids are divided into 4 categories based on the severity, namely:

Degree 1: small lump in the rectum, generally not visible and does not show significant symptoms. But often red blood can arise when you're defecating
Degree 2: The lump can come in and out by itself while defecating, sometimes accompanied by pain, the appearance of red blood while defecating
Degree 3: The lump can come out, but can not enter alone and must be assisted / didoro in order to get back in. Blood often comes out during bowel movements
Grade 4: The lump enlarges so that it cannot be put back into the anus with bleeding from the anus.

While external hemorrhoids are lumps outside the anus that are often painful during bowel movements and sometimes cause bleeding. Because of its location on the outside, generally external hemorrhoids can be felt and easily visible compared to internal hemorrhoids that are located deeper in.

In relation to your question, ideally an examination should be carried out directly to identify the type of hemorrhage experienced by your husband, along with determining the severity.

In addition, by direct examination can also be known whether there are other causes such as infection or inflammation that can cause similar complaints.
 The selection of appropriate management is based on the results of the examination carried out. In grade I and II hemorrhoids, therapy by improving diet is highly recommended and can be helped with medication. Whereas in grade III and IV hemorrhoids, in addition to recommending improving diet, surgery is also recommended to correct the abnormalities that occur.

Therefore, we recommend that your husband conducts an examination with the nearest doctor or surgeon to determine the type of hemorrhoids suffered and to determine the severity of the disease. No need to worry about doing the examination, because the sooner it is known, the sooner the treatment is carried out so that complaints disappear.

What can be done at home is to make changes to your diet that can help improve conditions such as increasing dietary fiber, increasing fluid intake in the body, and avoiding straining too long / strong. If the stool is felt hard and difficult to get out, do not be too forced but use a laxative to help remove the stool.
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