Does It Include Depression When You Cry Suddenly And Your Mood Deteriorates Quickly?

Illustration of Does It Include Depression When You Cry Suddenly And Your Mood Deteriorates Quickly?
Illustration: Does It Include Depression When You Cry Suddenly And Your Mood Deteriorates Quickly?

my doctor want to ask

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Good morning, thanks for asking at The condition that you experience with crying suddenly, feelings that sometimes feel blunt, a suicide trial, and mood swings, is not a physical symptom. And although some of the symptoms aren't necessarily an abnormality, having a trial and thoughts of suicide alone is enough to put you in the category of having a psychological disorder.

Psychological disorders and mental disorders are one and the same thing, and you experience a variety of forms, including:

Major depression
Bipolar disorder
Schizoaffective disorder

Cyclotymic disorders

Dystimic disorders

Side effects of drug use

The possibilities are indeed many, and it is not impossible actually outside of what we wrote above. In your case, what you need to know is that in psychology, the patient knows that something is wrong with him and trying to seek treatment as you do now is a very good thing and plays a big role in his recovery. Therefore, our advice is that you should immediately consult a psychiatrist before your condition worsens, especially if you have attempted suicide.

By telling stories and checking yourself with a psychiatrist, you will know that the conditions you experience are not just you who experience them. You will know that whatever you feel, you are entitled to and are able to feel much better. You will understand that there is still a lot of hope in life and whatever the conditions, suicide is never the answer. You don't need to fear being judged, blamed, accused or anything when talking to a psychiatrist. In fact, in the world of psychology, the moment you tell the problem itself has become a form of therapy.

So what is most important for you now is not knowing exactly what illness you are in or experiencing mental disorders. Because even once you know, the medicine is not over-the-counter and you still need therapy guidance from a psychiatrist to get better. The most important thing for you is to realize that whatever you feel now, suicide is not the answer, you have the potential to feel and become a better person, and the gate is to check yourself with a psychiatrist. So, hopefully answering your question.

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