Does It Include Fertility If Menstruation After Having Sex?

I have anal and oral sex. then tomorrow morning I menstruate. do I have anal and oral sex during my fertile period? thank you,.

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Hello X, Thank you for the question.

If you have sex and then the next day you menstruate, then intercourse is not done during the fertile period. The fertile period is the time of release of a mature female egg cell into the fallopian tube / fallopian tubes. In general, the fertile period occurs from day 12 to day 16 after the first menstrual day, but this range does not apply to those who have menstrual cycles less than 26 days or more than 32 days. For those who have menstrual cycles can not use the calendar method to determine the fertile period but can use other methods such as measuring basal body temperature, detecting cervical mucus, or using ovulation predictors.

If what you are doing is oral sex and anal sex, without vaginal intercourse, then you don't need to worry about fertility and pregnancy because both of these sexual activities (oral and anal sex) cannot cause pregnancy. Pregnancy can only occur if intercourse is sexual intercourse through the vagina (there is penetration of the penis into the vagina) and is carried out during the fertile period.

Hopefully this information helps you.

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