Does It Say Infected With The COVID-19 Virus?

Illustration of Does It Say Infected With The COVID-19 Virus?
Illustration: Does It Say Infected With The COVID-19 Virus?

Good afternoon dock. I’m already on the 19th of March and I have a sore throat, it feels like itchy and dry throat is just as hot inside and then there is a small white lump at the base of the throat like a pimple dock. I have a history of fever on March 17, my body is a bit hot around 37 degrees because I just left the house around 12 noon, then when I went home I took a cold shower. But after using the hot compress, it just disappeared. Then on March 18, I traveled by train with conditions that were quite fit, but starting on March 19, I started to have a sore throat and defecated my doc. just a sore throat and I am now taking paracetamol sm vitamin C. Am I infected with the Corona doc virus? Want to check the hospital but the distance is very far from my house dock, I worry if I travel long distances. Please explain­čśč­čÖĆ

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Hello Setia, thank you for asking to

Let me introduce myself, Dr. Rio will answer your question.

Based on the complaint you mentioned, there doesn't seem to be any suspicion for covid-19 infection. But you still have to be vigilant, because in some cases the infection of covid-19 is asymptomatic / carier covid-19. Some of the possibilities that you are experiencing right now are as follows:

 Pharyngitis. Larigitis. Influenza. Digestive irritation. Acute diarrhea. For that you can visit the practice of a general practitioner near your home first to determine your temporary diagnosis, and get treatment for the symptoms that you are experiencing right now.

It is true that Indonesia has been infected by covid-19 infection. But as Indonesian citizens we cannot panic. But not too lightly, we must remain vigilant about the transmission of the infection. At the moment I cannot guarantee that there is no covid-19 infection in your body, but judging by the signs and symptoms it does not support suspecting this. For that you can do is:

 Do not panic. Do self-isolating by not traveling home, unless you want treatment. Social distancing / giving distance when interacting with others. Use a mask. Wash hands before and after activities, especially before eating. Get enough rest and eat nutritious food to increase body immunity. Avoid the crowd for a while. Some of the above you do to prevent you from contracting co-19, because your immunity is currently on the decline. If your complaints feel worse, such as fever> 38.5'C, cough and shortness of breath immediately to the nearest hospital.

That's all my answer, thank you very much :)

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