Does Itching And Skin Rashes Appear Due To The Influence Of Diabetes?

Illustration of Does Itching And Skin Rashes Appear Due To The Influence Of Diabetes?
Illustration: Does Itching And Skin Rashes Appear Due To The Influence Of Diabetes?

I am a 14-year-old student. I have diabetes. Since a few days ago, my body started to itch and rose a large rash. I almost touched it until it hurt very badly on my skin. How many days ago, I also put a laying wardrobe made of wood instead of in the cubicle. I feel that on that day my body started to itch and get a rash. 1) Is this due to my diabetes or am I allergic to anything I don’t know about? 2) What do I need to do? I don’t want to go to the hospital because it will be difficult for my mother.

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Hello Ain,

Thank you for the question.

Itching and rashes on the skin can indeed appear one of them due to allergies, such as cold allergies, animal hair allergies, food allergies, drug allergies, or also allergies to other objects (such as those in the wardrobe that you used to hold beforehand). In addition to allergies, itching and skin rashes as you experience it may also arise due to other causes, such as cholinergic urticaria, skin infections, atopic dermatitis, contact dermatitis, insect bites, drug eruptions, hormonal fluctuations, stress, immunity disorders, and so on. Poor endurance due to uncontrolled diabetes can increase your risk of experiencing some of the causes of itching above. However, this diabetes does not directly cause you to experience itching and rashes.

Itching on the skin, if it is scratched excessively, can certainly cause injury. This injury can be dangerous, because it can be a pathway for bacteria that cause secondary infections which makes handling more difficult. Therefore, you should stop the habit of excessive skin scratching.

Check with yourself directly to the doctor or dermatologist to be given the right treatment according to the cause huh .. Not always, itching and rashes like you experience will have to be treated with treatment at the hospital. In most cases, this condition will improve considerably by administering medication while outpatient control. To prevent itching and rashes from spreading, you should do:

Take a clean and diligent bath
Wear a pelambab on the skin so it doesn't dry out
Use clothes that are soft, not tight, clean
Do not carelessly exchange personal items with others
Drink more water
Not in contact with substances that often create allergies
Also avoid contact with irritative substances, such as detergents, harsh soaps, rough clothing
No excessive stress, and multiply rest
Always keep the environment around you clean
Apply calamine lotion on your skin that is abusive

Hope this helps ...

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