Does Malaria Have To Be Hospitalized?

Illustration of Does Malaria Have To Be Hospitalized?
Illustration: Does Malaria Have To Be Hospitalized?

Hello, want to ask. Malaria must be hospitalized or not? Thanks

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Malaria occurs due to Plasmodium parasitic infections which are often transmitted through mosquito bites (especially Anopheles mosquitoes). This disease can appear in a varied spectrum of diseases, some are mild, some are dangerous, depending also on the type of parasite that infects. Generally, sufferers will experience fever, chills, headaches, nausea, vomiting, muscle and joint pain, excessive sweating, abdominal and / or chest pain, coughing, and so on.

The diagnosis of malaria is made through in-depth interviews and physical examination, and confirmed by a blood test. After the diagnosis of malaria is established, treatment can be done varied, can be outpatient, can also be hospitalized. Determination of the best type of treatment is usually done by considering many factors, mainly, the type of malaria parasite that infects, the severity of symptoms, the patient's age, and the patient's general health condition. The principle of malaria treatment is to provide anti-malaria drugs, as well as other treatments so that patient complaints improve and do not lead to dangerous complications. The complications that may arise if malaria is not treated properly is the spread of infection to the brain (cerebral malaria), respiratory problems (due to pulmonary edema), anemia, to multiorgan failure (such as kidney, liver, and spleen) that can lead to death.

It is better if you consult directly with a doctor or a specialist in internal medicine who checks, so it is known, what kind of treatment is appropriate to do so that your disease improves.

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