Does Migraine 2 Days With Nasal Congestion Cause Sinusitis?

Illustration of Does Migraine 2 Days With Nasal Congestion Cause Sinusitis?
Illustration: Does Migraine 2 Days With Nasal Congestion Cause Sinusitis?

Good evening, I want to ask 2 days my head has migraine, then every migraine is accompanied by a blocked nose, is it because of a nasal congestion that causes sinusitis? Then how to overcome it, thank you.

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Hello Feila Salma, thank you for asking

Sinusitis is a condition where inflammation occurs in the sinuses (empty cavities in the bones of our skull). For its location, there are several sinuses in our skull bones, on the forehead, the bridge of the nose, behind the eyes, and both cheekbones. The incidence of sinusitis itself is often associated with inflammation in the nose because the two are interconnected. If there is a blockage in the nose, fluid can accumulate and rise into the sinus cavity, cause sterile inflammation (not accompanied by bacteria) or if the fluid is infected with bacteria, causing bacterial sinusitis.

People who have sinusitis can experience secretions / discharge from thick yellow nose or obstruction / obstruction in the nose, pain / full sensation on the face (such as pain when pressed on the cheekbones or forehead), and sometimes accompanied by disturbances to smell. Some people can also experience headaches. In some conditions, such as nasal polyps, rhinitis (inflammation of the nasal wall), both due to allergies or infections, or even tumors in the nose and throat walls, these conditions can increase a person's risk of developing sinusitis. So, it is true that a blocked nose can cause sinusitis. However, keep in mind for your complaint, not all migraines or headaches are caused by sinusitis.

Migraine or so-called headaches are one type of headache that is quite often experienced. Migraine is more common in women than men. Migraines are caused due to sudden changes in blood flow to the blood vessels in the head and some hormones that affect. The symptoms themselves vary from mild to moderate complaints, where sufferers feel the throbbing headaches and sometimes even can be felt up to the neck. In some people, there are signs that they will feel just before a migraine triggers (called an aura), such as ringing in the ears, seeing shadows or light, and so on, which indicates that soon he will experience a migraine. There are several causes that can trigger migraine symptoms, for example:

hormonal factors, for example before menstruation in women
body condition that is less fit, for example due to fatigue, dehydration, and stress
triggers from the environment in people who are 'sensitive' to light, strong odors, noisy sounds, stale air, etc.
certain foods or drinks, for example coffee, chocolate, etc.

Besides it can be caused by sinusitis, headaches that you experience can also be caused by other things as mentioned above, or even because of other infections in your body, for example a flu virus infection, where a person can experience headaches and nasal congestion as well. accompanied by fever, the body feels weak, and so forth and other infections.

My advice, to find out the cause of the complaint that you are experiencing, you should check yourself to the doctor. The doctor will dig further about your complaints and your medical history, and the doctor will do a physical examination on you.

Meanwhile, keep your body in shape by:

adequate rest, do not do strenuous activities that can cause fatigue and trigger migraines
avoid stress, give yourself time to relax
drink water at least 2 liters / day or 8 cups
consumption of nutritious foods, multiply fruits and vegetables
avoid things that can trigger migraines (eg sounds that are too noisy, lights that are too bright, etc.)
if you still feel headache, you can take pain relievers such as Paracetamol or other pain relievers as directed by your doctor.

So, I hope this helps, and hopefully heals quickly.


dr. Sheryl Serelia.

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