Does My Eye Hurt Doctor?

Illustration of Does My Eye Hurt Doctor?
Illustration: Does My Eye Hurt Doctor?

By: Desti Natalia Zebua nI have a complaint in the right eye, after being examined at 3 different hospitals, but the doctor always said that my eye was not disturbed. But what I felt was that my eyes were getting less and less aligned when I saw even the eyes around the area My eyes hurt and sting. Two days ago, until now I use glasses but there is no change at all, instead my eyes are watering. nThank you doctor. nPlease explain.

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Hello, Desti Natalia, thanks for asking

Stinging and watery eyes can be caused by several conditions:

1. Dry eye / dry eyes.

2. Conjunctivitis / inflammation of the lining of the eye

3. Keratitis / inflammation of the cornea

4. Scleritis or episcleritis

5. Uveitis

The things above can be caused by an inflammatory process, bacterial / fungal / viral infection, allergies, autoimmune, to physical injury (for example exposure to dust / sand, insects).

To determine the exact cause, and ensure complaints of decreased visual clarity, it is necessary to further evaluate it with a complete eye examination, from examination of visual acuity (vision), external eye examination, and examination of the rear eye segment. A complete eye examination can confirm the correct diagnosis, so that appropriate therapy can be given according to the cause.

Glasses that are worn must match the indications. The use of glasses must be in accordance with the results of the examination and the doctor's prescription, otherwise it will cause eye fatigue and can not see clearly because the strength of the lens does not match the strength of his vision. However, if you are sure that there is no decrease in visual acuity and want to protect your eyes from dust or dirt in the air, then you can wear glasses without lenses.

So, check again with an ophthalmologist if the symptoms do not improve. Some things you can do to prevent worsening are:

1. Try over-the-counter eye drops that act as a substitute for tears or that can moisturize your eyes.

2. Rest your eyes every time you "use" your eyes. Every 20 minutes using your eyes (reading, looking at gadgets), rest for 20 seconds, then start again.

3. Blink frequently, especially if your environment is windy, dusty, or air-conditioned.

4. Don't rub your eyes.

5. Avoid putting anything in the eye (if the eye is still experiencing complaints) such as contact lenses.

6. Go to an ophthalmologist.

That's all, hopefully it's useful.

Greetings, dr. Sarah Rizqia.

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