Does Not Feel Bloating After Drinking A Lot?

Illustration of Does Not Feel Bloating After Drinking A Lot?
Illustration: Does Not Feel Bloating After Drinking A Lot?

I was dehydrated when fasting and then when I opened I drank a lot of water but I didn’t feel bloated or wanted to urinate, at that time I often got hot so I sweat a lot. Is that normal? Please help, thank you

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Hello Bro, thank you for consulting us on To maintain the balance of the body's metabolic conditions, the metabolic waste must be removed from the body immediately. This process of removing waste material is called excretion. The process of removing metabolic waste products includes urine, sweat, feces, and breathing.

Kidney is one of the main organs in the process of removing residual substances, residual substances released are in the form of urine fluid. When the environmental conditions at low ambient temperatures, usually the kidneys will work harder as an effect due to a decrease in temperature. So that the kidneys will respond by removing urine as much as possible, because the body maintains a stable body temperature by raising blood pressure, besides that the pores of the skin will shrink so that it is not possible for the residual substances released in the form of dryness so that the effect you will often urinate. Meanwhile, when the ambient temperature rises / heat, then the body will cool the body by contracting blood vessels so that blood flow decreases, but the pores of the skin become wider, and cause the discharge of body wastes through sweat and a little urine is released.

For your condition, at a glance it is still within normal limits, considering the ambient temperature is rising, so that the remaining substances will be released through sweat. You need to know that during fasting, the body will get less fluid intake during the day, so to prevent dehydration, then you should provide as much fluid intake for the body at night when not fasting. Thus we can convey, hopefully our information can be useful for you. thanks.

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